New York State
Association of Fire Chiefs

Providing Service to Those Who Serve

Annual Conference Committee

Past Chief Richard Akey, Chairman
Assistant Chief Timothy Dahulich, Vice Chairman

Administrative Sub-Committee – Gates/Store
Deputy Fire Coordinator Scott Bailey, Vice Chairman
Past Chief Larry Barter
Past Chief George Farley
Past Chief Bernard Lee
Past Chief Kevin McElynn
Administrative Sub-Committee – Registration
Past Assistant Chief Adrian Pilliod, Vice Chairman
Chief Barbara McCann
Past Chief Jared Meeker
Exhibits Sub-Committee
Chief Gregory Burnell, Vice Chairman
1st Assistant Chief David Jones
Past Chief Michael Smith
Past Chief Fred Theadore
Programs Sub-Committee
Chief Charles Kostyk, Vice Chairman
Past Chief James Empie
Coordinator (Ret.) Julius Leone – Memorial
Past Chief Brian McQueen
Chief James Seymour
Past Chief John Sroka – Memorial
Commissioner Thomas Underhill
Lieutenant Stephen Davis