New York State
Association of Fire Chiefs

Providing Service to Those Who Serve

Annual Conference Committee

1st Battalion Coordinator Anthony Faso, Chairman
Assistant Chief Timothy J. Dahulich, Vice Chairman

Administrative Sub-Committee
Chief Anthony J. Tripp, Vice Chairman

Administrative Sub-Committee – Gates/Store
3rd Battalion Coordinator Scott Bailey
Past Chief Larry Barter
Past Chief George J. Farley
Past Chief Bernard J. Lee
Past Chief Kevin P. McElynn

Administrative Sub-Committee – Registration
Chief Barbara McCann
Past Chief Jared I. Meeker
Past Assistant Chief Adrian F. Pilliod

Exhibits Sub-Committee
Past Chief Richard J. Akey, Vice Chairman
Chief Greg Burnell
1st Assistant Chief David Jones
Past Chief Michael S. Smith
Past Chief Fred G. Theadore

Programs Sub-Committee
Chief Charles Kostyk, Vice Chairman
Past Chief James H. Empie
Past Chief Brian McQueen
Chief James Seymour
Past Chief John P. Sroka – Memorial Service
Commissioner Thomas A. Underhill

Lieutenant Stephen Davis
Chief John M. Stark Sr.