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Regional Hands-On Training – Fire Behavior On the Inside

Eight-Hour Program Overview
This intense live fire training program allows students to witness changes in fire behavior while common fireground actions are performed. Window ventilation, door control, VES, and more will take place while firefighters monitor conditions from inside the fire building, providing the rare opportunity to witness changes in fire behavior on the inside. Fire dynamics will be discussed throughout the daylong program, providing students with multiple opportunities to gain a more thorough understanding of how their actions may affect fire behavior. This eight-hour training includes a brief classroom orientation, followed by live fire hands-on training evolutions.

Course Prerequisites (or Equivalents)
Firefighter I OR Basic Firefighter and Intermediate Firefighter OR Firefighting Essentials and Initial Fire Attack. Each student must also provide a signed authorization letter from the chief of his/her department (sample letter will be provided with student registration confirmation). All students must be interior qualified under New York state requirements to participate in live fire training programs.

PPE Requirements
Each student must bring his or her own OSHA compliant full firefighter protective equipment (no jumpsuits or coveralls), SCBA, and three cylinders.

How to Host a Program in Your Region
Complete and submit a Regional Hands-On Training –  Fire Behavior On the Inside Host Request Form, which outlines all host responsibilities. Training will be provided in New York state only. Programs will be scheduled throughout the year based on availability of the association’s training unit. Email NYSAFC with questions regarding Hands-On Training.


October 7-8, 2023
Jefferson County

Host: Adams Fire Department
Program details and registration form

October 14-15, 2023
Herkimer County

Host: Newport Fire Company
Program details and registration form

April 13-14, 2024
Clinton County

Host: Peru Fire Department
Program details and registration form