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Marshall & Sterling Insurance Awards NYSAFC $25,000 Grant to Support Fire Service Training Endeavors

Funds will be used to refurbish the association's mobile flashover training unit, which is the focal point of NYSAFC's Regional Hands-On Training programs delivered across New York state.

On January 13, 2021, the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs (NYSAFC) received a $25,000 grant from Marshall & Sterling Insurance that will be used to repair the association's mobile flashover training simulator and service other training props that are utilized to conduct Regional Hands-On Training programs for firefighters across New York state. With this grant, NYSAFC will be able to enhance the practical skills programs it delivers at the local level, providing essential training to fire personnel in all regions of the state.

Vice President & Branch Manager Christopher Harris and Sales Executive Linda Flanagan of Marshall & Sterling made the trip to NYSAFC headquarters for the presentation. Marshall & Sterling is a firm believer in giving back to the community and supporting not-for-profits that share the same vision and passion for training.  

Harris said, “The dollars Marshall & Sterling provided the association will go a long way in training and educating the fire service, and will most definitely help the firefighters you train in saving hearts and homes in the local communities they serve.” Flanagan added, “I know that this contribution will be meaningful and will make a difference in your training statewide. This is part of our commitment to the fire service and we are glad to be a part of it. We know training is everything, including the confidence it brings to a firefighter.”

NYSAFC has been conducting hands-on training at its Annual Conference & FIRE Expo since 1999, led by some of the nation's leading instructors. To reach more firefighters year-round and to bring critical live fire training to all areas of New York, the Regional Hands-On Training – “Flashover” program was introduced in 2012. This intense training allows students to experience fire development from the incipient stage to flashover, helping them learn to identify the warning signs of an impending flashover event. NYSAFC's training programs expanded in recent years to include “Fire Behavior On the Inside” and “Beyond the Basics,” all using the association's mobile training unit for fireground simulations. Thousands of students have participated in Regional Hands-On Training programs at more than 100 locations.

“We are so grateful to Marshall & Sterling for this generous support of NYSAFC and our mission to provide education for the current and future leaders of the fire service. Our programs offer a unique opportunity to sharpen all-important skills. With this much-needed overhaul of our equipment, we'll be able to bring crucial training to fire departments for years to come,” said NYSAFC President Lee Shurtleff.

NYSAFC CEO Bruce Heberer noted, “This tremendous assistance from Marshall & Sterling has come at such an important yet challenging time for our organization. Over the past year, our flashover unit has been in constant use, traveling from downstate to western New York to the North Country and all the regions in between. The need for fire service training never stops, and this grant will help us keep the flashover unit operational,  benefitting fire departments and communities across the state.”

Marshall & Sterling Insurance has also partnered with NYSAFC for a new benefit for association members. Fire and EMS personnel of all ranks can take advantage of special discounts and savings on personal insurance coverage uniquely tailored for first responders.

NYSAFC Individual Members can receive a free insurance quote from Marshall & Sterling here or by calling 1-844-958-2050. Learn more about NYSAFC training and membership.