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NYSAFC Introduces Home Fire Sprinkler Awareness Brochure

NYSAFC home fire sprinkler awareness brochures were mailed in October to all fire departments in New York state as part of the association's grant-funded Home Fire Sprinkler Awareness Project.

NYSAFC recently completed its 15-month Home Fire Sprinkler Awareness Project. This initiative helped the association increase awareness of the benefits and affordability of home fire sprinklers. It also assisted NYSAFC and other sprinkler advocates to fight for changes to the New York State Fire Prevention and Building Code that would have greatly increased the prevalence of home fire sprinklers statewide. 

As part of the initiative, NYSAFC developed a full-color home fire sprinkler awareness brochure. In October 2016, 100 copies of the brochure were shipped to every fire department in New York state for use in their own fire safety education activities. The brochure was also provided to fire sprinkler advocates and local code enforcement officials to encourage home fire sprinkler installations statewide. Additional brochures can be requested from NYSAFC while supplies are available. Email Grants Administrator Sue Syzdek for details about how to request more brochures for your organization.

The project also included a home fire sprinkler media campaign that integrated television, radio, and online advertising. A public service announcement (PSA) was developed to share the basic facts about home fire sprinklers and advocate for their inclusion in newly constructed homes. The very moving PSA also featured information about a 2013 house fire in central New York that claimed the life of a 2-year-old girl. The PSA was shown statewide at fire sprinkler education events and used as an advocacy tool in other settings. It can be viewed on NYSAFC's YouTube channel and is accessible from the Home Fire Sprinkler Advocacy & Awareness Toolbox on the NYSAFC website. 

The Home Fire Sprinkler Awareness Project was a comprehensive initiative that also included five media events and live fire demonstrations. These events were held in Henrietta, Plattsburgh, Baldwinsville, Orchard Park, and Albany, NY during the project. Most were timed to complement other fire sprinkler advocacy efforts. Specifically, NYSAFC reached the general public very effectively through news coverage of the live fire demonstrations and, as part of the coverage, NYSAFC representatives advocated for public support of the revisions to the New York State Fire Prevention and Building Code. These eye-catching events also helped the association educate the public about sprinkler effectiveness and how sprinklers operate. 

Funding for NYSAFC's Home Fire Sprinkler Awareness Project was provided by FEMA through the Fire Prevention and Safety Grant Program. NYSAFC hopes to expand the project in the future as funding allows.