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Association of Fire Chiefs

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NYSAFC Endorses IAFC and VCOS Candidates

Endorsements include Chief Dan Eggleston for IAFC president and Chief Ed Rush of the Hartsdale Fire Department for VCOS board member.

The New York State Association of Fire Chiefs is pleased to announce the endorsement of the following candidates for election to the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC):

President: Chief Dan Eggleston, Albemarle County (VA) Fire & Rescue
1st Vice President: Chief Gary Ludwig, Champaign (IL) Fire Department
2nd Vice President: Chief Nathan Trauernicht, UC Davis (CA) Fire Department

NYSAFC also endorses Chief Ed Rush, Hartsdale (NY) Fire Department, for the IAFC Volunteer & Combination Officers Section (VCOS) board. Rush is a member of NYSAFC and serves on the association's Government Affairs Committee.

The NYSAFC board of directors encourages association members who are members of the IAFC to cast their votes for these candidates. Electronic voting is currently underway.

Visit the IAFC and VCOS websites for more information on the candidates and the election.