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Fire Departments Invited to be a Part of New Smoke Alarm Project

NYSAFC project will provide smoke alarms to older adults aged 65-plus and the deaf or hearing impaired.

NYSAFC will be once again conducting a smoke alarm installation and fire safety education project in an effort to protect the New Yorkers most at risk for fire injury and death. This project is NYSAFC's fourth smoke alarm installation project in seven years and continues the association's commitment to helping local fire departments increase the prevalence of working smoke alarms among high risk populations.

As part of a grant award from FEMA's Fire Prevention and Safety Grant Program, NYSAFC will partner with fire departments statewide to conduct projects in local communities. The initiative is getting underway now and will run until the end of spring 2018. Departments that are interested in participating in the project are encouraged to contact NYSAFC.

NYSAFC's Smoke Alarm Installation Project will target older adults, those aged 65-plus, as they are one of the groups with the highest risk for fire-related injury and death. In addition, the project will provide smoke alarms designed for the deaf or hearing-impaired; these alarms will be used in the homes of seniors aged 65-plus, as well as in homes with a hearing-impaired occupant, regardless of that person's age. The project will allow participating fire departments to install more than 2,500 smoke alarms statewide in the homes of seniors.

Recipient households will also be educated about fire safety and prevention and smoke alarm maintenance. Seniors will also have a chance to talk with firefighters about fire escape planning, an especially important topic for older adults who may have sensory or mobility impairments, and fire department personnel will be able to work with seniors to help them address their own specific needs. Those in homes with hearing-impaired family members will also review the unique safety needs in the household.

As part of the project, NYSAFC will also be updating its online Smoke Alarm Resource Center that can be accessed by both fire safety educators and the public. The resource center includes information about the types of smoke alarms currently available, smoke alarm installation and maintenance, and general fire safety education.

If your department is interested in participating in the Smoke Alarms Installation Project, email or call NYSAFC Grants Administrator Sue Syzdek at (800) 676-3473.