New York State
Association of Fire Chiefs

Providing Service to Those Who Serve

2020 NYSAFC Legislative Agenda

County/Regional Fire Services
Seek legislation to enable authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) the option to create, form, consolidate, or otherwise merge fire companies and departments at a countywide, regional, or cross-jurisdictional level to “right-size” provision of services across a broader tax base, geographical area, and/or population.

Residential Sprinklers
Continue to advocate for residential sprinklers through adoption of the International Residential Code (IRC).

Cancer Benefits – Chapter 248 Laws of 2018
Additional chapter amendments may be needed in 2020 to further clarify verification requirements.

Chiefs Qualifications Law(s) Implementation
If the governor signs the most recent bill, the state fire service organizations will need to work with Civil Service and OFPC to address how they are going to handle the original law. The fire service organizations will also need to proactively engage with all stakeholders on any and all issues relating to “Best Practices.”  

Fire Truck Weight Law Revisit
Chapter 526 of the Laws of 2015 did not include 17-B of Section 385 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law. A conflict still exists and many vehicles remain in violation. A legislative fix may be warranted after further consultation with DOT and DMV.

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