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2020 New York State Fire Service Alliance Legislative Agenda

On December 7, 2019, the New York State Fire Service Alliance met in Troy, N.Y. for the purpose of developing the list of legislative priorities for the 2020 legislative session. All of the major fire service organizations were represented. The following is a list of agreed upon priority initiatives presented by the Association of Fire Districts of the State of New York, County Fire Coordinators’ Association of the State of New York, Firemen’s Association of the State of New York, New York State Association of Fire Chiefs, New York State Fire Marshals and Inspectors Association, and Volunteer Fire Police Association of the State of New York:

Ambulance Cost Recovery for Fire Departments
Allows volunteer fire departments and districts, which are currently unable to recover the cost of providing pre-hospital EMS service from insurers, Medicare, and Medicaid, to bill for services. Currently, for-profit, not-for-profit, and municipal EMS providers can recover the costs of providing pre-hospital services. This bill would simply level the playing field and provide the same statutory authority to volunteer departments and fire districts.
Corresponding Legislation: S3685B (Brooks) / A1778A (Jones)

Permanent Heart and Lung VFBL
Make permanent the long-standing laws governing disability determinations relating to (1) disease or malfunction of the heart or coronary arteries and (2) certain lung disease or malfunction incurred by volunteer firefighters as it relates to coverage for death or disability under VFBL.
Corresponding Legislation:
(1) S5418 (Harckham) / A563 (Buchwald)
(2) S5419 (Harckham) / A7352 (Buchwald)     

Would provide an increase in VFBL/VAWBL benefits for temporarily and totally disabled volunteers. The update would provide parity with workers’ compensation benefits for volunteer firefighters and volunteer ambulance workers in the event they are injured in the line of duty.
Corresponding Legislation: S4631 (Gaughran) / A5896 (Magnarelli)

Endangering the Welfare of Fire and Emergency Personnel
Would allow for legislative and administrative actions on building owners who perform modifications or conversions without obtaining the prescribed permits for single or multi-family occupancies.
Corresponding Legislation: S6264 (Carlucci) / A1797 (Zebrowski)

Upholstered Furniture Health Safety Standards
Establish a prohibition on the sale of upholstered furniture that employs the use of carcinogenic flame-retardant chemicals.
Corresponding Legislation: S6512 (Harckham) / A6260A (Gunther)

Recruitment, Education, and Retention Task Force
Pursue legislation that would create a task force to specifically review the recruitment and retention of volunteer firefighters, as well as the development of education programs designed to recruit volunteer firefighters. The task force shall consist of representatives of the volunteer fire service, the New York State Legislature, and relevant state agencies that oversee volunteer firefighters, tax incentives, and educational programs.
Corresponding Legislation: To Be Introduced

Download the 2020 New York State Fire Service Alliance Legislative Agenda