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Firefighter Behavioral Health: Protecting Our Own Resource Center

Firefighters are fantastic problem solvers; the public calls on us to manage every crisis imaginable. Part of being a firefighter includes exposure to traumatic events. Quite simply – bad runs happen. Firefighters are regular people. They have families, homes, bills to pay, and people to answer to outside of the fire house. Put all this together and, as a profession, it's no wonder why firefighters have higher rates of divorce, alcoholism, substance abuse, and suicide than civilians.

Under a grant from the New York State Department of Labor, the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs has developed this web page with resources and tips for what you and your department can and should do to protect the physical and mental well being of your members. Keeping firefighters happy and protecting our own is an inside job!


If you or a fellow firefighter feel suicidal or need help now for any reason, contact Safe Call Now at (206) 459-3020 or visit Do not delay!

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