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Wednesday, June 14 – Friday, June 16, 2023 – 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (see registration form for session times)
@ Syracuse Fire Department Training Center

Don’t miss the opportunity to train with some of the nation’s most knowledgeable and seasoned fire service instructors right here in New York state! Hands-On Training registration fee includes Annual Conference & FIRE Expo Full Term registration, which allows entry to the exhibits and denoted classroom education programs. Check out photos from NYSAFC Hands-On Training here.

PDF Hands-On Training Registration Form


Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera Ops (8-Hour Live Fire Program)
NYSAFC Member: $345 / Non-Member: $395 / per person

When was the last time you trained with a TIC? At your last fire? NYSAFC’s instructors have spent years working with thermal imagers and have found more uses than you can imagine to get the most out of your department’s TIC investment. Students will be armed with knowledge to take back to their departments to ensure that the camera is one of the first tools off the vehicle at more than just fire events. Maximum of 24 students per session.

Advanced Vehicle Extrication (8-Hour Program)
NYSAFC Member: $245 / Non-Member: $295 / per person

This program will provide a fast-paced extrication experience covering all aspects of vehicle extrication, from stabilization to plenty of tool time. Evolutions will include wheel, roof, and side resting vehicles with minimized vehicle access. Students will be challenged to use their skills to perform scenario-based extrication with victim rescues, scene hazard recognition, and mitigation. Maximum of 24 students per session.

Aggressive Interior Fire Attack (8-Hour Live Fire Program)
NYSAFC Member: $345 / Non-Member: $395 / per person
This intense program will offer a unique opportunity to put your skills to work in live fire. Students will join seasoned instructors as they review techniques that are essential for survival in today’s fire environment. Skills that will be enhanced include effective and efficient hose stretches, hose loads, hoseline operation, standpipe and defensive operations. This challenging program will push you to your limits. Maximum of 24 students per session.

Fire Behavior On the Inside (8-Hour Live Fire Program)
NYSAFC Member: $345 / Non-Member: $395 / per person

This intense live fire training will provide firefighters with the rare opportunity to view changing fire conditions as aggressive interior tasks are performed. Firefighters can expect eight hours of live fire with an emphasis on heat, smoke, and air movement throughout the fire building. The effects of window failure, vent-enter-search, door control, and more will be viewed from the inside during this unique fire behavior course. Maximum of 16 students per session.

First-In Officers’ Responsibilities (8-Hour Live Fire Program)
NYSAFC Member: $345 / Non-Member: $395 / per person
In this program, students will operate in the roles of first and second due engine and ladder company officers. Basic firefighting practices and principles will be reinforced with emphasis on leading a team of firefighters at structure fires. Participants will have the opportunity to assume the role of both company officers. They will be actively performing size up, reporting to the incident commander, and communicating with other company officers while supervising their crew during hoseline stretches, search for fire and victims, suppression, and overhaul. Maximum of 16 students per session.

Hoarder Fires (4-Hour Live Fire Program)
NYSAFC Member: $245 / Non-Member: $295 / per person

This program is designed to challenge both engine and truck companies in dealing with a hoarding situation under fire conditions. Each student will complete both engine and truck evolutions under heavy smoke and high heat conditions. The truck company will be placed in a scenario where they must remove an unconscious victim through a moderate to heavy hoarding environment. The engine company will advance and flow a 1¾-inch handline through an extreme hoarding environment while clearing a path for advancement of the hoseline. Maximum of 24 students per session.

Truck Company Essentials (8-Hour Live Fire Program)
NYSAFC Member: $345 / Non-Member: $395 / per person

This program will focus on the fireground truck company tasks that must be accomplished during the initial stages of structural firefighting. Students will be instructed in the principles of forcible entry, building search and rescue, the use of ground ladders, and vent-enter-search tactics. They will be challenged by some of the country’s most experienced instructors, who will share various tricks of the trade, safety tips, and their vast knowledge of these essential assignments. Maximum of 24 students per session.

Firefighter I OR Basic Firefighter and Intermediate Firefighter OR Firefighting Essentials and Initial Fire Attack. Each student must also provide a signed authorization letter from the chief of his/her department (sample letter will be provided with student registration confirmation). All students must be interior qualified under New York state requirements to participate in live fire training programs. PPE requirements will be provided with student registration confirmation.

Due to the cost of the materials required for this program, as well as the high demand for specific training sessions, please notify NYSAFC of training cancellation(s) as soon as possible prior to the event so that openings can be filled by students on the waiting list. Training cancellation(s) must be submitted in writing and received by NYSAFC by June 9, 2023. A service fee of 25% will be applied. Conference badge(s), if issued to the registrant(s), must be returned to NYSAFC (postmarked by July 10, 2023) in order to receive a refund. No refund will be issued to no-shows or if notice of cancellation is received after June 9, 2023, except under extenuating circumstances upon the approval of the NYSAFC board of directors. Individual hotel cancellation policies apply. NYSAFC does not assume the responsibility for canceling hotel reservations if the association is notified of cancellation of your training registration.

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