New York State
Association of Fire Chiefs

Providing Service to Those Who Serve

About Us


The New York State Association of Fire Chiefs (NYSAFC) is a not-for-profit, service oriented organization founded in 1904 by 60 chiefs from across the state who were interested in sharing mutual concerns and solutions for the benefit of the fire service. Today, it is one of the largest fire chiefs associations in the world and its focus now encompasses the needs and concerns of all of the emergency services.

Since its inception, NYSAFC has grown to over 10,000 members from 34 states and three countries. Members include individuals from all ranks and all branches of the fire service – career, volunteer, industrial, and military – in addition to personnel from the emergency medical services field and technical disciplines, as well as individuals who promote fire/injury prevention and safety in the public sector.

Moving into its second century, NYSAFC will continue to promote the interests of the emergency services and provide service to those who serve – the extraordinary individuals who comprise the emergency services field. Today, it supports and fosters public education for fire and injury prevention, promotes fire education through seminars, workshops, and conferences, represents the emergency services before state and federal government officials, publishes SIZE UP magazine and The NYSAFC Bugle e-newsletter to keep members informed of pertinent news and information that affect the emergency services, holds the Annual Conference & FIRE Expo – one of the largest emergency services exhibitions in the nation – and serves as an authoritative source of information to all emergency services personnel for the timely solution of problems pertaining to administration, education, training, research, firefighting, public relations, fire protection, equipment, personnel management, and legislation.


NYSAFC is the primary support and source of services to our members, who are the management of the emergency services sector, and is the primary source of information and support for fire service personnel during the industry transition to providing total emergency services by:
  • Providing relevant education, seminars, and training.
  • Developing and providing relevant emergency services information.
  • Influencing and assisting in the development of legislation.
  • Being the representative voice of the needs and concerns of emergency services providers.
  • Promoting new technology, the use of safe work practices, and the development and enforcement of codes and standards.
  • Effecting the reduction of injury, loss of life, and loss of property.
These goals are fundamental to the creation of a safer living environment and basic to the philosophy espoused by this association.