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NYSAFC Appoints New Membership Coordinator

Brian Forte joined the association staff in September.

Brian K. Forte joined the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs staff on September 6, 2016, as membership coordinator. He will serve in a part-time capacity, assisting current NYSAFC members, expanding membership benefits, and bolstering the ranks of association members.

Forte has been involved in the fire service for 34 years as a member of the Guilderland Fire Department in Albany County, serving in a number of capacities including chief, commissioner, chairman of the board, and president. He is currently the chairman of the Town of Guilderland Fire Chiefs Association and a member of NYSAFC.

Forte is a retired Guilderland Police Department officer. He served for 25 years with the department and was supervisor of the Community Service Unit and head of the Fire Investigation Unit upon retirement. Forte was actively involved in the J-Fire program of Albany County. In addition, he previously served as a councilman for the town of Guilderland and is currently the executive director of the SNY Police Juvenile Officers Association.

Brian looks forward to working with our members and encourages you to contact him by email or phone at (800) 676-FIRE with questions about membership or member benefits.