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Association of Fire Chiefs

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NYSAFC Introduces New Membership Management System and Database

New system rolls out on August 1, 2017.

NYSAFC is excited to launch a new database and membership management system on August 1, 2017. For more than a year, NYSAFC has been working to implement new technology that will benefit members and enhance their communication with association staff, officers, and representatives. In November 2016, the association launched a new and improved website to provide easier access to information about programs, events, and news impacting fire chiefs and the fire service of New York state.  Among the many changes that you will notice is your ability to:
  • Log in to our member portal via our website (upper right button) so you can access your membership record and easily update your information.
  • Register and pay for some training and events online (not the 112th Annual Conference & FIRE 2018 Expo).
  • Receive electronic invoices and pay your annual dues electronically.
  • Receive information regarding training and events via email.
  • Receive legislative and government affairs updates.
  • View members-only information.
  • Receive confirmation emails each time you complete an action or payment online.
  • Access your receipts for online transactions.
  • Access your invoices for online transactions.

This will be a significant change from the association's current system, so to meet your needs, NYSAFC has developed several ways to help you:
  • You may go to the bottom of our website and click on FAQs. This will give you details on how to register for access to the database and other information.
  • As always, you can call the NYSAFC office at (518) 477-2631 or (800) 676-FIRE and ask for information and assistance. Please ask for Membership Coordinator Brian Forte (Brian works in the mornings only).
  • You can email Brian directly for assistance.

While NYSAFC is moving to more electronic communications, those who wish to receive their dues and other invoices by mail will still be able to do so.  We are confident that this new system will allow NYSAFC to provide you more information in a timely manner and reduce association mailing and printing costs in the long run. We are sure there will be some glitches and it will take time to adjust, but in the end, our membership will be better served.